New Band Teacher Adjusts to Changes Nicely

By Ashley McDonough


Transition into a new school certainly isn’t easy, especially when you’re a brand new teacher moving two states away nearly a week before the school year starts! Smithtown Christian School’s beloved first-year band teacher, Ms. Gabriell Miller, provided her account of adjusting to the New York style of life, all while being thrust into unfamiliar territories without knowledge of what to expect.

Ms. Miller, 23, originally from Albrightsville, Pa., in the Pokonos, moved to Long Island in late August of 2016 after being hired as SCS’s band teacher. Having just graduated from the University of Valley Forge, she seemed to be a perfect fit!

For Ms. Miller, the transition to New York was not an easy one. For someone who has lived in Pennsylvania all of her life, New York was definitely something new.

“It wasn’t what I expected, that’s for sure, but in a good way,” she said.

Although it seemed like it would be more than difficult at first, Ms. Miller conveyed that she knew God placed her here, and she knew that He was going to work in her life. One major factor that contributed to this hope was the strong Christian education she received before teaching here at SCS.

Many factors contributed to the wonderful woman that is Ms. Miller, one of them being the University of Valley Forge. At the university, Ms. Miller studied music education, instrumental track. While attending college, she “met a lot of really good friends,” and even stated that it was the best four years of her life.

One of the reasons college had been so great for the newest SCS teacher was that she was able to pursue her passion day in and day out: music.

“It just means a lot to me,” said Ms. Miller, “It was a very big part of my life, the band literally became my family.”

Now, after her four years of college, Ms. Miller has sought God’s will and ended up at SCS. Her first few weeks were intimidating, but as the end of the 2016/2017 year comes to an end, Ms. Miller has high hopes for next year! She states that now that she knows how SCS runs, she’s excited to see how she can “feed into that,” and “can’t wait to make more connections.”

Ms. Miller is a wonderful addition to the SCS staff, and her first year here has truly been a success. It is teachers like her, with a hungry for Christ and a passion for kids that will define the face of Smithtown Christian School. She is more than just a teacher, but a new friend in the eyes of all those she has impacted this year, and this is only the beginning!


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