Spring Formal: A Night to Remember

Rick Nappi

Staff Writer

The SCS Spring Formal was definitely one of the most anticipated events of the school year, and it definitely lived up to the expectations. Grades 10th, 11th, and 12th all went to the Spring Formal, and everyone looked absolutely very handsome and beautiful. Before prom took place, the Paveglios had a pre-formal gathering, where everyone attending was invited to party beforehand. Once the party was over, everyone rode away to prom in a limo or a car.

The Spring Formal, which took place on March 23, was located at the Mediterranean Manor in the city of Ronkonkoma. The venue itself was absolutely beautiful, with a very large dance floor as well as tables surrounding it. There was also a nice area outside the venue to take pictures, adorned with pillars and flowers. The food served during prom was also very delicious, as was the dessert. The main food course was steak, chicken francese, chicken tenders, and pasta. The main dessert was ice cream, as well as a mixture of fruit.

Now onto the music choice for prom, which was to many students surprise, not that bad! The wide variety of songs consisted of classic dance music, pop music, and even a little bit of christian music thrown in between. Towards the end of prom, the music definitely slowed down as they played a couple of slow songs to slow dance to, but during the beginning the music choice got very positive feedback!

One eleventh grader that goes by the name Gabby Celeste said that she “danced her hair off!”

Another student that goes by the name Charlie Wias said that it was “one of the most amazing nights ever.”

Every student fully enjoyed prom as they bonded with classmates, took pictures, ate together, and danced together. By the time the night was over, nobody wanted it to end!


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