Science Fair Is a Great Success for Middle Schoolers


Daniel Han and his project. Photo by Eve Whitehorn.

By Ashley McDonough

Sebastian Garcia with his project. Photo by Eve Whitehorn.


It has been proven that competition is something that everyone needs to keep motivation in their lives. With that in mind, SCS held its annual middle school science fair, causing these children to strive for excellence. The competition was held for grades 6, 7, and 8 with each grade containing a first, second, and third place winner.

Each grade had a category in which their project could pertain to. Sixth grade was able to do any general science project in any field, while seventh grade was limited to life science and eighth was limited to physical science. With plenty of time to prepare for their projects, many of the kids did wonderful jobs and impressed all of the teachers. Sadly, there could only be three winners in each grade.

The first place winner in sixth grade was Daniel Han for his “Magnetism and Future Transportation” project. Daniel’s project projected the possibility and future of magnetic levitation use for MagLev Bullet Trains. This project was so great that it will be featured in the Brookhaven National Lab for an Island-wide fair. The first place winner for seventh grade was Sebastian Garcia who’s “Get Ripe project” impressed all. Sebastian’s project showed how the ripening process of fruits can be accelerated when placed in a bag because of the gasses surrounding it. Finally, the eighth grade science fair winner was Jaden Kealey  for “Levitation: Not Just Magic.” Jade’s project revealed what materials are best to allow a magnet to hover.

At the end of the day, not everyone can win, but what matters is that each child participated and took place in this annual competition. Each project reflected the hard work of the students, and in the end that’s what truly matters!


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