Senior David Cruzate: Resurrection Is Absolutely the Cornerstone of Our Christian Faith

By David Cruzate

Guest Columnist

I believe that the most significant event recorded in the Bible, and possibly in all human history, was the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The resurrection story is of utmost importance because without it humanity could never have been truly set free from the shackles of sin. In fact, the entire story of the Bible itself was always meant to lead to salvation through Christ. In its entirety, the Bible presents an astounding true tale of Creation, the Fall of man, and the fulfillment of God’s plan to redeem us so that we may be one with Him again forever. Jesus paid for all our sins and mistakes with His own life, and when He rose again He defeated death forever. Humanity was the crown jewel of His creation, as we were designed to adore and worship Him in all we do.

If Jesus Christ did not rise from the dead, then the Christian faith would crumble to pieces. Christianity is a religion based on redemption from sin, and without the fulfillment of His sacrifice our faith system is baseless. The early church prevailed and spread the gospel across the known world because Jesus’ followers were convicted and passionate. They had such faith that Christ really was the son of God and rose from death that they devoted their lives, and deaths, to this cause. Some skeptics say that the disciples may have played an elaborate ruse, staging the resurrection event to gain power and influence, but that seems highly unlikely. The label “Christian” did not do the early church any favors, for it often came with persecution and death. Christ completed God’s grand plan to retake His creation, so if this event never occurred, we would all truly be lost.

I am here today because of many reasons, but none so impact me as much as the great sacrifice Christ went through for me. I go to a Christian school, I have a pastor for a father, and the church has altogether shaped my early life. If the death and resurrection had not occurred, who knows what my life would look like. Not only did Christianity influence my life, however, for the faith has had a profound impact on Western culture. The Roman Catholic Church protected countless books and manuscripts filled with ancient knowledge, instituted orphanages and hospitals, and even provided law and order during the dark ages. Truly, history itself would have looked very different without Christ and His sacrifice, and that really is the least of it.


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