Undignified Travels to Impoverished Haiti and Experiences a Journey that Changed Lives

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The Undignified missions team takes a quick break before continuing to spread God’s Word. Photos by Hannah DeSantis

By Hannah DeSantis

Undignified Team Member and Guest Writer

It is always humbling and life changing to embark on a missions trip. I have been blessed with the opportunity to go on three. This year, our Undignified team flew down to Les Cayes, Haiti. Just as my life had been changed the past two years, this journey was no different. There aren’t enough words to accurately describe the way I felt about the people I met two weeks ago. I instantly fell in love with their extremely relational and inviting culture. I was able to encounter some incredible leaders and witness the provision of God in all things we did. I’ve learned so much about the character of God, as well as the character of the people on this missions team.

An experience that was very significant to me on this trip was being able to pray over many families and individuals. I have encountered many instances in my life over the past year that have challenged me to be a prayer warrior. I know now that all of my experiences had been preparing me to pour out all I had before the people in Haiti. A few days out of the past week consisted of walking through the town and stopping in people’s houses to pray for their needs. I instantly was overcome with such a burden in my heart for these precious lives. These people all poured out their hearts to us, and allowed us to talk about Jesus Christ with them. A specific encounter I had while doing the prayer walks was meeting a woman who lived with her sister, and their two children. The woman I spoke to told us how she was constantly sick, and trying very hard to find work to provide for her and her son. She opened her heart to tell us that the man who got her pregnant was already married, and she had no idea. After she found out he was a married man, despite the financial trouble she knew she’d face alone, she kicked him out of her life. What amazed me about this woman was that she firstly asked us to pray for her relationship with Jesus, despite all of her very obvious ailments and issues. This request humbled me, because despite all she was suffering through, the first thing she wanted prayer for, was to be closer to God.

There were so many instances where I felt so moved by these people. A moment that I will never forget was meeting a girl who was a little younger than I am, her name is Maykendia. She seemed like any other young girl who came to the church, very happy. She never wanted to leave my side, so I held her hand almost the whole day. Despite the incredibly thick language barrier between English and Creole, there was unspoken understanding between us. She was so sweet and I loved being able to be her friend. What happened next, is something I will always remember. Maykendia was trying to tell me something, but I could not understand her. The only word I understood was “mother”. I brought her over to a translator so I could figure out what she was trying to say to me. Then, I realized what she had said was, “My mother died last week.” This hit me so hard. I asked my new friend if I could pray for her and tell her about Jesus’ love and hope for her. I will never forget the strength that this beautiful girl exemplified.

I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that this was my last trip with Undignified. I have made some of the best friends I’ll ever have on this team. I have also been able to share the gospel, dance, act, travel, and meet some absolutely amazing people in three different countries. God is so good and there will be no experience like the one of being on this team. I will never forget the people I have met, and those I have been able to minister alongside. I would recommend this team to everyone, not because this team is perfect or better, but because God ordained it, and His plan is always perfect.


Hannah DeSantis, like teammates, forms bonds with the children.


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