‘What Did You Just Say?’ Cursing Is Wrong!

By Steven Ascari

Guest Columnist

I do not curse. I never have cursed. I never plan to curse. Before I get into the spiritual aspect of why I refuse to curse, as an individual myself apart from my friends, family, school, or church, I concretely believe that cursing is one of the most immature and one of the lowest things somebody can do. As an 18 year old about to head off to college, it is almost unheard of that I have never cursed even once in my life to many, which is quite sad honestly that most think that way. Even though a good portion of those around me may occasionally throw around curse words, or if I hear them in movies or just from a stranger at the store, I don’t have the will to say that cursing is “normal and okay” and that I have no problem with it at all. I do not curse because I do have a problem with it. I call it immature because I do believe it’s childish. And finally, I do believe it’s one of the lowest things somebody can do because there’s more than one way to express frustration and despair aside from unnecessarily cursing.

One of the biggest reasons as to why I’m so adamant of not cursing is because it was how I was raised in my Christian household. Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I can only recall less than a handful of times any of my family members (immediate and extended) have cursed in my presence. I have been surrounded and raised by people who kept a clean mouth around me and because of that, I was raised without even knowing the majority of curse words until my teenage years. On top of this, my parents would never let me watch a movie with a rating of PG-13 without their approval, until I was a teenager that is. I guess I can say that I was decently sheltered as a child but honestly, I do not have any inclination to be annoyed by this. Since I was sheltered so heavily form curse words, I grew up knowing that these words are to never be said as well as never having the urge to use them at all.

Another reason for me never having the urge to utilize any curse words is because I try so sincerely to live a life just as Jesus did and a life as we are commanded to live as spoken in God’s Word. In Matthew 12:36-37, it states, “I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak, for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.” and in Ephesians 4:29, “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.” I know that God hears every word that I say, every thought in my mind, and every action I take. God commands us in the Bible to rid our tongue of any profanity and to speak in a way that not only uplifts others but in a way that glorifies Him. This is one of the biggest reasons why I do not curse and why I never have or never will. My faith in God is far too important to me just to throw it away because I can’t control my tongue and the choosing of my words.

Earlier I stated how I believe that cursing is one of the most immature and lowest things that an individual can do. The reason why I believe that is because the age in which many people began to use curse words is during the younger teenage years. That being said, a young teenage is inherently immature due to the lack of discipline and life lessons that have yet to take place in that individual’s life. To them, cursing is seen as “cool” and “mature” because all the adults do it; at least the adults around them curse that is. Many teenagers aren’t involved in the Word of God and don’t care to take it seriously because they just want to live their life how they please and later on they’ll correct themselves so that they’ll go to Heaven. This thought process is pretty immature which is why I say that even adults who curse all the time are immature in the way they express their actions and frustrations. It’s pretty sad it comes down to the only way somebody can express their true feelings is by using choice words that only shapes them into an individual that less and less people, or at least people like me, want to be around. Whenever I hear somebody curse, whether it’s in a movie or real life, it always makes me cringe and hurt on the inside because I personally cannot fathom why that individual has to curse for no reason. What’s the satisfaction in it? Why even get so frustrated over something that it reaches the point of needing to curse to begin with? For all the people around me who curse, I ache for them but at the same time I wish to be an example. I wish to be an example of somebody who shows that there is no genuine reason to curse and an example of what a true Christ-following life looks like.


Undignified Travels to Impoverished Haiti and Experiences a Journey that Changed Lives

image2 (2)

The Undignified missions team takes a quick break before continuing to spread God’s Word. Photos by Hannah DeSantis

By Hannah DeSantis

Undignified Team Member and Guest Writer

It is always humbling and life changing to embark on a missions trip. I have been blessed with the opportunity to go on three. This year, our Undignified team flew down to Les Cayes, Haiti. Just as my life had been changed the past two years, this journey was no different. There aren’t enough words to accurately describe the way I felt about the people I met two weeks ago. I instantly fell in love with their extremely relational and inviting culture. I was able to encounter some incredible leaders and witness the provision of God in all things we did. I’ve learned so much about the character of God, as well as the character of the people on this missions team.

An experience that was very significant to me on this trip was being able to pray over many families and individuals. I have encountered many instances in my life over the past year that have challenged me to be a prayer warrior. I know now that all of my experiences had been preparing me to pour out all I had before the people in Haiti. A few days out of the past week consisted of walking through the town and stopping in people’s houses to pray for their needs. I instantly was overcome with such a burden in my heart for these precious lives. These people all poured out their hearts to us, and allowed us to talk about Jesus Christ with them. A specific encounter I had while doing the prayer walks was meeting a woman who lived with her sister, and their two children. The woman I spoke to told us how she was constantly sick, and trying very hard to find work to provide for her and her son. She opened her heart to tell us that the man who got her pregnant was already married, and she had no idea. After she found out he was a married man, despite the financial trouble she knew she’d face alone, she kicked him out of her life. What amazed me about this woman was that she firstly asked us to pray for her relationship with Jesus, despite all of her very obvious ailments and issues. This request humbled me, because despite all she was suffering through, the first thing she wanted prayer for, was to be closer to God.

There were so many instances where I felt so moved by these people. A moment that I will never forget was meeting a girl who was a little younger than I am, her name is Maykendia. She seemed like any other young girl who came to the church, very happy. She never wanted to leave my side, so I held her hand almost the whole day. Despite the incredibly thick language barrier between English and Creole, there was unspoken understanding between us. She was so sweet and I loved being able to be her friend. What happened next, is something I will always remember. Maykendia was trying to tell me something, but I could not understand her. The only word I understood was “mother”. I brought her over to a translator so I could figure out what she was trying to say to me. Then, I realized what she had said was, “My mother died last week.” This hit me so hard. I asked my new friend if I could pray for her and tell her about Jesus’ love and hope for her. I will never forget the strength that this beautiful girl exemplified.

I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that this was my last trip with Undignified. I have made some of the best friends I’ll ever have on this team. I have also been able to share the gospel, dance, act, travel, and meet some absolutely amazing people in three different countries. God is so good and there will be no experience like the one of being on this team. I will never forget the people I have met, and those I have been able to minister alongside. I would recommend this team to everyone, not because this team is perfect or better, but because God ordained it, and His plan is always perfect.


Hannah DeSantis, like teammates, forms bonds with the children.

Senior Brandon Weindorf’s View of Resurrection

By Brandon Weindorf

Guest Columnist

There are many important qualities that people have in life. These qualities differ from person to person. For some people, an important quality is athletic expertise. For others, an important quality is academic achievement. The list goes on and on as to what each person finds important. For me, the most important quality that I have is my faith in Jesus Christ. This faith is rooted in God’s Word. I believe that God’s Word is the most important collection of information in the entire world. I also believe that each event described in the Bible is important and applicable to today’s world. With that being said, I believe that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most important event in the Bible and the history of the world.

I believe that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is very important for multiple reasons. First, the event allowed people to attain Salvation. This was and still is a big deal. Before Christ died on the cross, mankind was separated from God because of sin. With the coming of Christ to die on the cross to save all from their sins, humans were then given the opportunity to become saved. I also believe that the Resurrection is the most important because it shows the true power of Jesus Christ and God. With four authors of the Gospels that do not contradict each other, even though each writer wrote at a completely different time than the others, it is extremely likely that the events described in said Gospels did come to pass. Christ had power over the grave and death, the Resurrection proved this. Without the Resurrection, mankind would not have the opportunity to become saved, know Jesus Christ, or spend an eternity with an all-powerful, all-loving God.

The Resurrection has had a great effect on my life. Once I learned that Christ died on the cross to forgive me of my sins, my life was changed completely. It gave me the assurance that after I die, I would spend an eternity in heaven with Jesus Christ. The Resurrection had also changed my life as I got older, and still does to this day. Every time I am reminded of the Resurrection, my appreciation and thankfulness both grow for what Christ did. Learning more and more about the Resurrection has also allowed me to mature in my faith as a Christian. I understand that I am a fallen sinner whom does not deserve to go to heaven after dying; yet I am extremely thankful that I have been blessed with the opportunity to become saved because of Christ’s death on the cross. I am truly grateful for Christ’s work on the cross to bring salvation to all.

It is not only important to understand the effects of Christ dying for mankind, but it is also important to know why the message of Salvation spread. God’s gift of salvation has spread more quickly, efficiently and effectively throughout the world than any other message of all time. But how could this be? Personally, I believe this spreading of the Gospel has occurred because the message is absolute truth. False information may thrive for a short amount of time, but always dies in the long run. If the account of the Resurrection was false, or anything else in the entire Bible was false, we would not be hearing about any of these events today. The message of Salvation has withstood the test of time. It has also offered promise and hope to those most in need. Frankly, that is all of mankind. This creation of universal hope has greatly strengthened and fortified the spread of the message throughout the world. True messages not

Senior David Cruzate: Resurrection Is Absolutely the Cornerstone of Our Christian Faith

By David Cruzate

Guest Columnist

I believe that the most significant event recorded in the Bible, and possibly in all human history, was the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The resurrection story is of utmost importance because without it humanity could never have been truly set free from the shackles of sin. In fact, the entire story of the Bible itself was always meant to lead to salvation through Christ. In its entirety, the Bible presents an astounding true tale of Creation, the Fall of man, and the fulfillment of God’s plan to redeem us so that we may be one with Him again forever. Jesus paid for all our sins and mistakes with His own life, and when He rose again He defeated death forever. Humanity was the crown jewel of His creation, as we were designed to adore and worship Him in all we do.

If Jesus Christ did not rise from the dead, then the Christian faith would crumble to pieces. Christianity is a religion based on redemption from sin, and without the fulfillment of His sacrifice our faith system is baseless. The early church prevailed and spread the gospel across the known world because Jesus’ followers were convicted and passionate. They had such faith that Christ really was the son of God and rose from death that they devoted their lives, and deaths, to this cause. Some skeptics say that the disciples may have played an elaborate ruse, staging the resurrection event to gain power and influence, but that seems highly unlikely. The label “Christian” did not do the early church any favors, for it often came with persecution and death. Christ completed God’s grand plan to retake His creation, so if this event never occurred, we would all truly be lost.

I am here today because of many reasons, but none so impact me as much as the great sacrifice Christ went through for me. I go to a Christian school, I have a pastor for a father, and the church has altogether shaped my early life. If the death and resurrection had not occurred, who knows what my life would look like. Not only did Christianity influence my life, however, for the faith has had a profound impact on Western culture. The Roman Catholic Church protected countless books and manuscripts filled with ancient knowledge, instituted orphanages and hospitals, and even provided law and order during the dark ages. Truly, history itself would have looked very different without Christ and His sacrifice, and that really is the least of it.

Science Fair Is a Great Success for Middle Schoolers


Daniel Han and his project. Photo by Eve Whitehorn.

By Ashley McDonough


Sebastian Garcia with his project. Photo by Eve Whitehorn.


It has been proven that competition is something that everyone needs to keep motivation in their lives. With that in mind, SCS held its annual middle school science fair, causing these children to strive for excellence. The competition was held for grades 6, 7, and 8 with each grade containing a first, second, and third place winner.

Each grade had a category in which their project could pertain to. Sixth grade was able to do any general science project in any field, while seventh grade was limited to life science and eighth was limited to physical science. With plenty of time to prepare for their projects, many of the kids did wonderful jobs and impressed all of the teachers. Sadly, there could only be three winners in each grade.

The first place winner in sixth grade was Daniel Han for his “Magnetism and Future Transportation” project. Daniel’s project projected the possibility and future of magnetic levitation use for MagLev Bullet Trains. This project was so great that it will be featured in the Brookhaven National Lab for an Island-wide fair. The first place winner for seventh grade was Sebastian Garcia who’s “Get Ripe project” impressed all. Sebastian’s project showed how the ripening process of fruits can be accelerated when placed in a bag because of the gasses surrounding it. Finally, the eighth grade science fair winner was Jaden Kealey  for “Levitation: Not Just Magic.” Jade’s project revealed what materials are best to allow a magnet to hover.

At the end of the day, not everyone can win, but what matters is that each child participated and took place in this annual competition. Each project reflected the hard work of the students, and in the end that’s what truly matters!

Senior in the Spotlight

Name: Nadya DaRocha
Birthday: June 11, 1999
Church and Youth Group : Assemblia De Deus Emanuel
Favorite Bible verse: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippine 4:13
Favorite Biblical Hero and why: Mary, because she was young and given a huge responsibility. She obeyed God even though she knew the process would be difficult.
Hobbies: Singing, photography
Favorite Movie: The Giver
Favorite foods: Seafood
Favorite school subject: History 
GPA: 3.6
College you’ll be attending: Hofstra University
Career Interests: Law
Complied by Abi LoSardo