Spring Formal: A Night to Remember

Rick Nappi

Staff Writer

The SCS Spring Formal was definitely one of the most anticipated events of the school year, and it definitely lived up to the expectations. Grades 10th, 11th, and 12th all went to the Spring Formal, and everyone looked absolutely very handsome and beautiful. Before prom took place, the Paveglios had a pre-formal gathering, where everyone attending was invited to party beforehand. Once the party was over, everyone rode away to prom in a limo or a car.

The Spring Formal, which took place on March 23, was located at the Mediterranean Manor in the city of Ronkonkoma. The venue itself was absolutely beautiful, with a very large dance floor as well as tables surrounding it. There was also a nice area outside the venue to take pictures, adorned with pillars and flowers. The food served during prom was also very delicious, as was the dessert. The main food course was steak, chicken francese, chicken tenders, and pasta. The main dessert was ice cream, as well as a mixture of fruit.

Now onto the music choice for prom, which was to many students surprise, not that bad! The wide variety of songs consisted of classic dance music, pop music, and even a little bit of christian music thrown in between. Towards the end of prom, the music definitely slowed down as they played a couple of slow songs to slow dance to, but during the beginning the music choice got very positive feedback!

One eleventh grader that goes by the name Gabby Celeste said that she “danced her hair off!”

Another student that goes by the name Charlie Wias said that it was “one of the most amazing nights ever.”

Every student fully enjoyed prom as they bonded with classmates, took pictures, ate together, and danced together. By the time the night was over, nobody wanted it to end!


New Band Teacher Adjusts to Changes Nicely

By Ashley McDonough


Transition into a new school certainly isn’t easy, especially when you’re a brand new teacher moving two states away nearly a week before the school year starts! Smithtown Christian School’s beloved first-year band teacher, Ms. Gabriell Miller, provided her account of adjusting to the New York style of life, all while being thrust into unfamiliar territories without knowledge of what to expect.

Ms. Miller, 23, originally from Albrightsville, Pa., in the Pokonos, moved to Long Island in late August of 2016 after being hired as SCS’s band teacher. Having just graduated from the University of Valley Forge, she seemed to be a perfect fit!

For Ms. Miller, the transition to New York was not an easy one. For someone who has lived in Pennsylvania all of her life, New York was definitely something new.

“It wasn’t what I expected, that’s for sure, but in a good way,” she said.

Although it seemed like it would be more than difficult at first, Ms. Miller conveyed that she knew God placed her here, and she knew that He was going to work in her life. One major factor that contributed to this hope was the strong Christian education she received before teaching here at SCS.

Many factors contributed to the wonderful woman that is Ms. Miller, one of them being the University of Valley Forge. At the university, Ms. Miller studied music education, instrumental track. While attending college, she “met a lot of really good friends,” and even stated that it was the best four years of her life.

One of the reasons college had been so great for the newest SCS teacher was that she was able to pursue her passion day in and day out: music.

“It just means a lot to me,” said Ms. Miller, “It was a very big part of my life, the band literally became my family.”

Now, after her four years of college, Ms. Miller has sought God’s will and ended up at SCS. Her first few weeks were intimidating, but as the end of the 2016/2017 year comes to an end, Ms. Miller has high hopes for next year! She states that now that she knows how SCS runs, she’s excited to see how she can “feed into that,” and “can’t wait to make more connections.”

Ms. Miller is a wonderful addition to the SCS staff, and her first year here has truly been a success. It is teachers like her, with a hungry for Christ and a passion for kids that will define the face of Smithtown Christian School. She is more than just a teacher, but a new friend in the eyes of all those she has impacted this year, and this is only the beginning!

Advice Column: Dating in High School

By Rick Nappi

Staff Writer

Dating in high school, is it really worth it?

Many high school students go through crushes and begin to date while in highschool. Too many students dating in high school with the idea of their high school sweetheart being their future husband/wife. In the end the final question is, is it really worth it to date in high school? My personal advice would be no, dating in high school is not worth it. While it may feel great when you’re with someone, once you breakup it becomes awkward and you’re in a bad situation. High school relationships rarerly ever last until marriage, and all it ever does is stir up drama for students.
Students need to understand that when it comes to high school, your schoolwork and friends should come first, not your crush. Students throw away so much in school for their crush simply because they believe that their crush is their future spouse. I’ve seen countless situations where students have ditched their life long friends for a boy/girl that they eventually break up with months later. Students sacrifice so much for a temporary partner and it only makes it more difficult to go to school and be awkward around friends.
Students need to understand that while dating is fun in high school, it comes with a lot of backlash that isn’t necessarily worth the heartache. If you’re dating in high school just to date, then you are acting foolish. You should only date if you can see a future with someone; you should always date to marry. Dating in high school can be a great thing, just make sure your intentions are right and you aren’t making any mistakes.


A Taste of Victory


Students cheering at the SCS homecoming. Photo by Chloe Drzymala

By Ashley McDonough

The air was filled with excitement as the SCS student body gathered in the gym. The smell of nachos, churros, and fries lingered as everyone waited with bated breath for the basketball game to start. When 4:30 pm finally came around, the boys JV team was ready to make Smithtown Christian School proud.
It was Smithtown Christian versus McGan Mercy. No one knew who would take the cake, but the entire crowd was there for one reason and one reason only: to see an SCS win take place.
The game started with anticipation and tension, but as it progressed, it became very clear who the winner was going to be. After a tough hour and a half, the game had finished in a cremation of McGan Mercy by the SCS team. The boys were able to take the win for Smithtown Christian, and on that night each and every student was more than proud.
Aside from the game, the rest of the night was extremely fun. Half time shows/games took place while many alumni were able to come back and visit the school they practically grew up in. The entire night was a time for fun and memories, while others could come and reminisce about the good old days.
As the night ended and people prepared to go home, everyone left with hearts and appetites full of happiness, food, and sweet victory.

Senior Spotlight: Yehu Hwang

Senior Spotlight
Name: Yehu Hwang
Nicknames: Yehu, Dave, David, Asian, Jehu, Babo, Slayhu,
Birthday: December 26, 1998
Church: Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle
Favorite Bible Verse and Why: Mark 12:30 “And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.”
This verse tells me who I am and how I should live.
Favorite Biblical Hero and why: David. He was brave and courageous before his enemies and humble before the Lord.
Hobbies: singing and watching musicals, watching movies, playing violin, soccer, volleyball, walking,
Favorite Movies: Lord of the Ring, About Time
Favorite Food: Steak, sashimi, pizza, fried chicken, basically any food that does not have vegetable.
Favorite school subject and why: Math. It is the simplest subject.
GPA: 4.0
Colleges I am interested in: Cooper Union, Pratt Institute, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Purdue University
Career Interests: Architect, Civil Engineer

Compiled by Ghessel Horam

Movie Review: Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children

By Rick Nappi
This film, directed by Tim Burton, was an extremely interesting movie about fictional children with unique powers. The movie was creepy in a fun way, and the whole movie really had an interesting theme to it. It is more or less about the stories a grandfather told his grandson, and the grandson is determined to find out if the stories are true or not.

The movie provokes many emotions in just a short amount of time. it had sad elements to it, all while keeping the ultimate tone of the movie pretty cheerful. The main character, Jake, played by Asa Butterfield, succeeded in capturing the raw emotion the movie set out to portray. The solid acting gets people hooked throughout the whole movie as it puts people on the edge of their seat. The only negative thing about the movie is that the ending was left on a bit of a cliff hanger, hinting that there could possibly be a second film.

All in all the whole movie was simply amazing. Anyone who is a fan of fantasy movies must go and watch this film.

Senior in the Spotlight: Mary Gregorian

Name: Mary Gregorian


Mary Gregorian. Photo by Abigail LoSardo

Nickname: “Sledge”


Birthday: March 23, 1999
Church and Youth Group: Grace Church, Grace Church Youth

Favorite Bible Verse: Philippians 4:6-7 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” It helps me to remember that no matter the trial or tribulation, God is always in control and bestows upon us His divine peace.

Favorite Biblical Hero: David. In times of trouble we see David strong in his faith and wavering and weak, calling out to God lost and in doubt. No matter how he strays, however, David’s faith always brings Him back to the Lord where he is able to find his comfort and strength.

Favorite Christian band/music: I’ve always said picking a favorite song or artist is like asking a mother to pick her favorite child, but I have recently been very taken with violinist Lindsey Stirling. Her musical covers and original pieces are masterful; pleasing to the ear and moving in the soul.


Hobbies: In school, you can choose one of two things: good grades or a life. As such, in my endeavor to pursue academic excellence, my hobbies have all but vanished and, in the rare instances I have any free time, I prefer to spend them napping. I do, however, still enjoy music, reading, acting, fiction, and hanging out with friends, not that I ever have time to do any of that anymore.

Favorite Movies: The Road Within, Rise of the Guardians

Favorite Foods: Kebab, Steak, Cheeseburgers, Noodles, Loaded Fries, Peanut Butter Chocolate

Favorite school subject: Presently, it would have to be photography, as it is the only class that permits me to enjoy the content I am learning by not overwhelming me with a ludicrous and strenuous workload

GPA: 4.0

Colleges you are interested in attending: Molloy College, Messiah College, St. Joseph’s College, Long Island University

Career Interests: Physician Assistant, General Practitioner/Pediatrician, Neurologist,
Compiled by Abi LoSardo